Thank you for visiting my website! I am a full time Studio Potter and Photographer. I live in Princeton, Texas with my dog Chloe. Please email me to book a photo shoot and visit my Etsy Shop to purchase pottery. Click SHOP to visit my Etsy shop.

Karen Hamilton Studios

When I am creating, I challenge myself to explore new forms, techniques, and ideas. That approach keeps me excited and constantly evolving. When I decided to change my degree from graphic design to ceramics, I took my xacto knife, detail-oriented nature, and never looked back. I immediately fell in love with clay, the endless possibilities, and the self-expression it allowed.

I approach each piece gently and sincerely, and each unique piece evolves from the one made before it. My vessels are wheel thrown, constructed with soft slabs, and carved at the seams to enhance the form. I strive to create inviting, functional forms, with a simple design, and a sense of balance. I have recently incorporated some imagery and I look forward to playing with these new elements as they dance around the surfaces of my pots.

My goal is to produce pottery that evokes moments of joy to friends and families during everyday activities and special occasions. I am interested in all things handmade, materials and processes. I draw inspiration from the natural world, as well as the intricate details of our everyday, designed lives. My love for photography keeps me constantly observing and documenting anything that catches my eye.