• Clay Events

Mondays & Fridays only

How it works:

*You provide a workspace, and I will bring the clay and clay studio.

*I will arrive 30 minutes ahead of the event to set up.

*I will provide clay, clay tools, buckets, glazes, and small towels.

*I will demonstrate how to hand build a pot.

*Each person will create a pot and choose a glaze color from the glaze tiles provided.

*After the event I will clean up the workspace, load the pots into my car and transport everything to my home studio.

*I will glaze and fire the pots and deliver them in 3-4 weeks.

The Process:

After the pots have dried, I will bisque fire them, which takes about 8 hours to fire and 8 hours to cool. When the bisque firing is complete, I will unload the kiln, rinse the pots, and wait 24 hours before glazing them. Once I have glazed all the pots, I will load them back into the kiln for the final glaze firing for another 10 hours. After the kiln cools, I will unload them, pack them up, and notify you that they are ready for delivery. The estimated time is 3-4 weeks to deliver the completed pots.

What the Cost Covers:

Materials - clay and glaze

One pot per person
professionally glazed by me

Professional instruction & creative time
2 hours

Set up and clean up
1 hour

2 firings – bisque firing & glaze firing

Studio Tool rentals – clay tools, buckets, small towels,
buckets, and canvas mats

Studio time – glazing and firing all the projects

Commute – 2 trips
one for event and one for pottery delivery

The wonderful experience of working with clay.

How much does it cost:

$100 per person

How many people?

8 - 14

Please send me a message about your event and for more information.